SnowMeltz Snow Melting Mat Kit


SnowMeltz Snow Melting Mats provide an easy to install option for heated driveways, sidewalks, ramps, loading docks, and other critical areas.  The mats are easily rolled out and installed. Mats are powered with 240V and come in 37W/Sq. Ft. and 50 W/Sq. Ft. options.

Each kit includes an M326A temperature and moisture sensor to activate the system at the first sign of snow. Kits also include our Jumper system for protecting the mat where it crosses concrete joints.

Mats are 2′ wide and come in a variety of lengths for heating different square footages.

Choosing the Watt Density
For most residential applications, our 37W/Sq. Ft. option is sufficient. For critical access areas, 50W/Sq. Ft. may be required.

Concrete Crack Control Joints
Our jumper kits are designed to protect the SnowMeltz mat whenever it crosses a concrete control joint. These control joints are the lines marked during a pour or cut into the concrete afterward. The joints are designed to let the concrete shift and move in specific locations. This necessitates the use of our jumpers to protect the mats whenever they cross these joints.

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