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Our radiant floor heat products will define a new level of comfort and enjoyment for your entire family. We provide solutions for radiant floor heating, total space heating, heat tracing for roofs and gutters and portable snow melting solutions. RadiantShop is here to educate you about top of the line radiant heat products. With RadiantShop you can buy directly online to save time with our one stop shopping experience.

Heated Floors

We’re passionate about about what we do and look forward to helping you find the perfect product for your application. If you  need help choosing the right heated floor product, we are here to help by emailing info@radiantshop.com or calling our toll free line at 877-877-4724. Take advantage of our services. Just send us a sketch of your layout, with measurements and we’ll suggest a product for you!


Easy to install and at a GREAT price!*


The Easy Heatwave Mat

10 Year Warranty

Ceramic & Stone Tile Floors


Heatizon Heatwave Tile Warming Mats

Line voltage mats for a quick heated floor install.

*Easy to Install for professionals or DIY projects
*Low Price, high quality heated floor mats
*Our ordering process is easy!
*Our technical support offers highly experienced professionals
*Energy saving floor warming products at 100% efficiency!

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floorizwarm low voltage 25 year warranty system

Floorizwarm Kits

25 Year Warranty

Ceramic & Stone Tile Floors + Showers!

Floorizwarm Low Voltage Floor Warming Systems


Complete top of the line heated floor kit. Safe low voltage technology!

*Easy to install with everything included in one kit for DIY or professionals!
*Longest lasting system PERIOD around since 1979!
*Safest system on the market using low voltage technology
*Energy saving and custom design - 100% efficient

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GutterMelt© Self Regulating Heat Trace - Industrial Grade Self Regulating Heat Tape for Gutters, Pipes and Downspouts.

RadiantTrak© Portable Snow Melting Mats - Plug and play portable snow melting mats make winter shoveling noexistent!

Take a look around and find the information you need to start your heated floor project. We provide information on our website to assist you but if you ever want to speak to someone in person, don't be shy, call us!