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Electric floor heating systems are an efficient way to to generate heat throughout your home and on the surfaces you walk on.  Isn't electric heating expensive? Electric floor heating is not expensive because it uses the floor as a heat sink to store heat and then releases it over time to objects and people that are in contact with the floor. RadiantShop carries a huge stock of floor heating mats and cables in low and line voltage technologies.

Floor heating systems also keep the heat where you want it, closer to the occupants, it does not fly through the air toward the ceiling, or out the door when it opens, it is a constant and reliable heat. What else? With floor heating systems you can set the thermostat lower as well because it provides a better comfort level with a lower temperature when compared to forced air or other traditional heating methods.


Heatwave Quick and Easy Floor Heating Systems

heatwave Radiant floor heating mats   Heatwave Radiant FLoor heating Cables     heatizon interior thermostat with sensor for floor heating

Heatwave Mats

Easy roll out mats for heating
Stone, Ceramic, Carpet & Vinyl floors

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Heatwave Cables

Cable in a roll for custom shapes for heating
Ceramic, Stone, Carpet and Vinyl floors

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Floor Heating Controls

Programmable thermostats
 and relay control units for larger areas

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Snow & Ice Melting Solutions


Portable Snow Melting Mats   guttermelt heat tracing cable systems   hott-wire-heated-driveway-system

Portable Snow Mats


Gutter Heat Trace


Heated Driveway Systems

We carry the highest quality radiant heat products on the market in the U.S., in stock and ready to ship. Here you will find radiant floor heating, snow melting, and roof gutter deicing products you need for your project, right here

Our radiant floor heat products will define a new level of comfort and enjoyment for your entire family. We provide solutions for radiant floor heating, total space heating, heat tracing for roofs and gutters and portable snow melting solutions. RadiantShop is here to educate you about top of the line radiant heat products. With RadiantShop you can buy directly online to save time with our one stop shopping experience.

We’re passionate about about what we do and look forward to helping you find the perfect product for your application. If you  need help choosing the right heated floor product, we are here to help by emailing info@radiantshop.com or calling our toll free line at 877-877-4724. Take advantage of our services. Just send us a sketch of your layout, with measurements and we’ll suggest a product for you!


GutterMelt© Self Regulating Heat Trace - Industrial Grade Self Regulating Heat Tape for Gutters, Pipes and Downspouts.

RadiantTrak© Portable Snow Melting Mats - Plug and play portable snow melting mats make winter shoveling noexistent!

Take a look around and find the information you need to start your heated floor project. We provide information on our website to assist you but if you ever want to speak to someone in person, don't be shy, call us!